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    Leading organizations often face challenges such as unknowable, and worthwhile strategic challenges. We assist them in solving these difficulties.
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    Bridging the knowledge gap between the fresh, intermediates, and professional engineers.
We unlock potential

At Greenpeg Academy, we aim at bridging the knowledge gaps with emphasis on hands-on vendor- neutral technical principles.

Since we also practice what we teach as a systems integrator/ Automation service provider, we bring to bear our wealth of field experience to relate with our attendees.

Industry expert trainers
Greenpeg has seasoned experienced professionals with a wealth of practical work expertise in the field that will be put to use throughout our training.
On-site & Off-site training
We've created a conducive learning environment where you can learn and contribute in the best possible way, wherever you are.
Practical Oriented trainings
Our goal is to close knowledge gaps by focusing on practical, vendor-neutral technological concepts.
Post training mentorship
Greenpeg has extensive on-the-job working experience in the industry.
Training Categories

Each category offers sessions with fully furnished laboratories for hands-on practice.

The higher-level professional courses build on solid foundational abilities to affect application-focused knowledge across a range of disciplines.

The demands of certain industries and activities are the main emphasis of the special skill courses.

Fundamental Skills
Intermediate Skills
Advanced Skills
Upcoming Courses
Regardless of where you are in your profession, Greenpeg Academy provides a wide choice of courses and programs that will improve your abilities as an engineer. Our courses are created to give you the precise knowledge and abilities required to complete your assignments successfully.
There are no upcoming classes at the moment. Check back soon as some classes will be up soon.