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TIA Portal Programming 2 Course (TIA-PRO2)
TIA-Pro 2
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4 days
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10 July, 2024
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Course Overview

The second part of the SIMATIC TIA Portal programming training is based on the knowledge of the TIA Portal gained in the SIMATIC  S7 TIA Portal programming 1 course (TIA-PRO1). You will expand your knowledge of complex operations in statement lists (STL).  Along with analog value processing and data administration with complex data types, the evaluation and handling of program-related errors are also considered.

Course Content
  • Tools for program creation (e.g. structograms)
  • Analog value processing
  • Functions, function blocks, and multi-instances using the  IEC-compliant timer/counter as an example (International  Electrotechnical Commission)
  • Jump commands
  • Indirect addressing
  • Classical software error handling and evaluation with error organization blocks (OBs)
  • Evaluation of diagnostic data
  • Introduction to HMI device (Touch panel)
  • Introduction to Statement lists (STL)
  • Deeper understanding of contents through practical exercises on the TIA system model.
Target Group

This course is directed at personnel engaged in project engineering tasks who would like to become familiar with the extended programming possibilities of SIMATIC S7 (300/400).

Course Prerequisite

SIMATIC S7 knowledge is equivalent to the Siemens TIA-PRO1  course.

Course Benefits

On completion of this course, the participant will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the interaction of the TIA components Apply classical program development methods Solve comprehensive programming tasks
  • Implement data administration with the SIMATIC S7  automation system
  • Apply system blocks along with blocks from the standard  STEP 7 library
  • Understand the fundamental differences between optimized access and non-optimized block access
  • Program software error handling and evaluation.


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