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S7 Service & Maintenance Part 1 (ST-7SERV1)
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5 days
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02 October, 2023
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Course Overview

The most used guiding force behind an automated industrial plant is a programmable logic controller (PLC). PLC along with some other field devices like sensors, motors, actuators, valves, conveyors, boilers & many more, makes a real automated manufacturing plant.
The main objective of this training is to make aspiring engineers acquainted with conceptual as well as practical knowledge of the Siemens Industrial Automation & latest technologies being used. The training also introduces the principles of operations, maintenance techniques, basic troubleshooting techniques and thorough understanding of overall machine design concepts using Siemens S7 300 and 400 PLCs

Course Content

» Introduction to Siemen PLC’s family

» PLC Architecture

  • Power Supply (PS)
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Modules: Signal Module (Input and output modules) & Special modules and peripheral device


PLC operation modes and cycle
Overview of Simatic Step 7 Software

  •  Lunching Simatic Manager Software
  •  PG/PC interface set-up
  • Hardware configuration

Addressing technique:

  • Numbering Systems
  • Symbolic and Absolute Addressing

Introduction to PLC programming languages

LAD, STL & FBD; according to IEC 1131 standard

Creating and configuring a project

Programming structure

  • Basic instructions (NO, NC, Coil e.t.c)
  • Other instructions: SR, RS, positive and negative edge
    detection, Timers & Counters, Comparators e.t.c

Connecting PLC with field devices
Uploading, downloading, archiving and retrieving of program files

Diagnosing faults using software and hardware systems

Hand-on pratical on different industrial applications.

Target Group

Personnel involved in design, installation, operation &maintenance of Monitoring, Automation and control systems

Course Benefits

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

Identify and explain the advantages of a programmable
logic control over the conventional controls;

Operate Siemens programmable logic controller;

Identify and describe the functions of the system components
of a programmable logic control;

Make a simple program in LAD, STL & FBD languages.

Translate a ladder diagram program into electrical and logic
circuits equivalent;

Hand-on practical on different industrial applications.

Observe safe practices in dealing with PLC controls systems.

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