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Introduction to Cable Wiring, Earthing and Electrical System Protection
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5 days
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06 May, 2024
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Course Overview

In a power system, there are different types of electrical cables that differ in configuration, size, and utility. The selection of proper electrical cable is crucial in the installation of equipment as
it comes with a specific voltage rating and current consumption rate. A standard power system is not complete without earthing protection as they are prone to deficiencies.
Due to the instability caused by faults in power systems, It is crucial to identify the point of fault accurately and trip only those segments affected by the error while the rest of the structure can
continue to run naturally.
This course is an introductory course for wiring, earthing and electrical power system protection. It aims to give a comprehensive-to-date presentation of the role of power protection systems,
wiring and its advances in modern power systems.

Course Content

Overview of power systems

  • Reading single-line diagrams
  • Equipment per-unit calculations
  • Symmetrical components

Introduction to Cables and wiring

  • Electrical Conductors, Data cables, Optical fiber
  • Low voltage cables, High voltage cables, Super tension cables, Extra High Voltage cables, Extra Super Voltage cables
  • Reading Electrical Wiring Diagrams
  • Cable conductors & suitability, Cable joints, and terminations
  • Cabling and Switch-gear
  • Hi-voltage and Low voltage networks
  • Cable sizing: Electrical measurement devices and Load Calculation tools

Introduction to Earthing and Earthing Design

Earthing/Grounding Basics
The earth electrode
Basics of Earthing system design

Target Group

Electrical Engineers, Supervisors, or Technicians are responsible for the maintenance of power systems and electrical protective gear whether new to the industry or experienced. Personnel who generally work with electrical equipment will also benefit fromthis course.

Course Benefits

Comprehend the hazards associated with working with electrical power systems.
Identify instrument transformers for protection applications
Understand the principles of overcurrent protection systems
Understand how electromechanical relays work
Design protection schemes for power systems.

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