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Breaking Into Automation Without An Engineering Degree

The lack of technical skills should not make you end your dream of getting into automation. Yes, we mean it.It’s a very fast-growing industry with the most promising career opportunities for people who are interested regardless of their backgrounds. The truth is that it does not matter if you studied Mathematics or Applied Sciences, all you need to thrive in the world of automation is your interest and discipline.

Let’s talk about what automation really is. We’re sure you’ve had different explanations, it’s time to hear from the experts.

Automation aims to increase productivity and efficiency with the aid of technology. Tasks that were once done manually, can now be sped up using technology. It’s not limited to complex jobs, it can also be as simple as turning on/off your street light with motion sensors.
The most popular example is the Automated Teller Machine ATMs as we fondly call them. People had to go to the bank to make a simple transfer or a cash withdrawal, or worse still stand in the queue for hours to make a simple transaction. It is ridiculous now to see anyone at the bank just to make a transfer or a cash withdrawal. That problem was solved with automation.

The automation of the banking system has drastically reduced wait time, brought convenience, and increased efficiency; helping bankers focus on more complex transactions that require human interaction.

Right now, automation transcends beyond physical machinery. It now involves robotics, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation.

How can you see yourself as a part of the big picture even with a non-engineering background? The first thing to note is that our automation community is very helpful to newbies and budding engineers.
To this end, we put together a foundational course that can help you get a vast knowledge of what the automation industry is about and how you can fit in. 

Certificate In Automation Industry System also known as CIAS.

This is a 2 – month training curriculum structured and tailored to equip you with the right skills needed to effectively install, manage, troubleshoot, service, and maintain systems and processes involved in any industry.

Why choose us?

  1. Industry-Related Curriculum
  2. Experienced educators
  3. Hands-on practical
  4. Helpful and supportive community

Learning automation in Nigeria is a game changer for ensuring a dynamic and successful future. Don’t be discouraged by your lack of engineering experience; we provide an inclusive and friendly atmosphere for all students. Accept the power of automation to open up a world of limitless possibilities. Take the plunge today and start on a journey that will forever change your professional trajectory!

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