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2 Months
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11 March, 2024
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Course Overview

This course provides an overall exposure to the technology of
Industrial Automation and Control Systems as widely seen in
almost all the industries today. Industrial Automation is increasingly
growing especially within the Power sector, Automobile, Oil and
gas, Manufacturing, Mining, food and beverage etc.

Process Automation provides the technology to control and
monitor the process in industrial plants using concepts such
as feedback, cascade, feed forward and advanced process
control. This Industrial Automation course is aimed to empower
attendees with the foundation, intermediate and professional
level of knowledge that is required in the Industrial Automation
and Control engineering field.

Course Content

» MODULE 1: Introduction to Industrial/Plant Automation
» MODULE 2: Rockwell Automation PLC Programming &
Maintenance Course
» MODULE 3: Siemens PLC Programming & Maintenance
» MODULE 4: HMI/SCADA Systems Fundamentals – WinCC
Flexible / Wonderware Intouch
» MODULE 5: Instrument Verification, Maintenance and
Calibration Principles
» MODULE 6: Industrial Motor Control: Operation,

                                              Troubleshooting & Maintenance
» MODULE 7: Fundamentals of Variable Frequency Drives Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repairs
» MODULE 8: Electrical & Instrumentation Measurement,
Interpretation, Design and Assembling

Course Benefits

» Understand the concepts of Process Automation, and
Control Systems.
» Understand the key components of Process Control Systems:
PLC, HMI, SCADA and DCS etc.
» Understand Input / Output Systems, Controller, Supervisory
Network, Layers of automation, Fieldbus system basics,
Trend of Process Parameters basic

»Install and work with different automation software
e.g. Rockwell Automation studio 5000, Rslogix 500,
Rslinx, Siemens Simatic Step 7, TIA Portal
» with WinCC etc.
» Learn different programming languages for PLC
» Write and Debug PLC Programs to run various processes
and flow systems of various industries such as power plants,
food industry, manufacturing industry, etc.
» Hands-on practice on PLC software to gain practical
» Work on PLC software and simulators to gain real-time
knowledge on the softwares
» Understand the concepts of Hardware/Software classification
of Automation
» Learn the basics of HMI and understand the similarities and
differences between HMI and SCADA
» Learn about PI&D, process flow diagrams and how to
effectively plan, plot, manage the process
» Learn about different Field Instruments
» Understand the importance of PLC / PAC in the industries
and the need for Automation Engineers

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