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Siemens PLC Programming & Maintenance Course 2
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4 days
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22 April, 2024
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Course Overview

This course based on Siemens S7-300 PLC and is for technicians and engineers as well for students who have previously attended Siemens basic PLC training course and wish to expand their skills and knowledge of PLC programming, fault finding and maintenance.

The course is hands on with great emphasis on the practical aspects of Programmable Logic Controller applications. The course is based around Siemens Step 7-300 and S7-400 range of PLCs and Step 7 software and may be customized to include functions relevant to your control applications.

Course Content
  • Recap of Siemens S7 Basic course
  • Extended S7 Basic communication
  • Configuring Hardware
  • Symbols
  • Memory Concepts
  • PLC Simulator
  • Recap of LAD, STL & FBD programs

Intermediate Instruction Set

  • Jump Instructions
  • ¬†Accumulator functions
  • ¬†Mathematical functions
  • Analog Programming
  • Advanced CPU Settings

S7 Blocks concept and programming

  • Functions, Function Blocks, Data Blocks
  • Special Organization Blocks
  • System Function Blocks
  • System Functions
  • Editing existing programs
  • Uploading, downloading, archiving and retrieving of Program files
  • ¬†Working with EPROMs and MMC Memory Cards
  • Advance Fault diagnostics using software and hardware systems
  • Hand-on practical on different industrial applications.



Course Benefits
  • Create a new and modified advanced program using Simatic Step 7.
  • Program using basic and advanced instructions.
  • Observe safe practices in dealing with PLC control systems.
  • Perform advanced troubleshooting and maintenance services through the understanding of overall machine design concepts using automation systems.
  • Be part of Greenpeg Academy alumni with technical benefits
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