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Valves, Pump and Compressors: Selections, Operation & Maintenance
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4 days
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18 March, 2024
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Course Overview

This course will equip attendees on the principles of the operation and maintenance of valves, pumps, and compressors one at a time. Valves, Pumps, and compressors applications are extensively useful in many process industries. Understanding how to operate the valves, pumps & Compressors correctly as well as knowing the appropriate maintenance and troubleshooting methods are vital for trouble-free plant operation. During the course participant’s discussion, comments, and bringing up their own problems are welcomed and encouraged. The training will be in three modules. Each module will treat one of the three instruments.

Course Content

Valves Technology

Types of Valves (globe, gate, ball, plug, check) > Flow Characteristics

  • Flow through Valves
  •  Valve Flow Characteristics
  • Linear, Quick Opening & Equal %

Valve Sizing

  • Calculating the Correct CV Value
  • Selecting Valve Size Using Valve Coefficient
  • Calculations for Correct Valve Selection

Sealing Performance

  • Leakage Classifications
  • Sealing Mechanisms
  • Valve Stem Seals

Valves Troubleshooting & Maintenance

High-Pressure Drop

  • Pressure Recovery Characteristics
  • Flow Choking
  • High Velocities
    High-Pressure Drop
    Pressure Recovery Characteristics
    Flow Choking
    High Velocities


Water Hammer

  • What causes water hammer?
  • Solutions for Water Hammer

Troubleshooting the Control & Isolation Valves

  • Review of Common Faults
  • Developing a Preventive Maintenance Plan

Review of the Week & Wrap-Up
Classification, Types of Pumps & Compressors

Centrifugal pumps

  • Operating characteristics
  • Priming, cavitation
  • NPSH, NPSH margin
  • Power requirement for pumping

Pump performance curves

  • Head–capacity curve [H – Q]
  • Power – capacity curve [P – Q]
  • Efficiency – capacity curve [? – Q]
  • Specific speeds
  • The operating point of the centrifugal pump

Compressor working principles, types, operational aspects >

  • Classification, Types of compressors
  • Operational principles and constructional features > Compressor operation
Target Group

The instrument, Control, Maintenance Engineers, Technicians, Facility Managers and System Integrators.

Course Prerequisite

GPI 1 (Instrument Verification, Maintenance & Calibration) or Equivalent relevant experience

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