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Pneumatics & Hydraulics System: Operation & Maintenance Course
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5 days
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11 March, 2024
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Course Overview
  • This course provides maintenance personnel and production operators etc. with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out maintenance tasks on pneumatic and hydraulics systems. A practical approach is taken throughout this course with participants gaining valuable ‘hands-on’ experience on training equipment utilizing industry-standard components designed to simulate industrial systems.
Course Content

Pneumatic Systems

  • Air supply system;
  • Reciprocating and rotary compressors; Cooling; Compressor maintenance;
  • Airline filters and lubrication

Pneumatic Schematic Diagrams

  • Schematic symbol construction;
  •  Diagramming an air supply;
  • Simple pneumatic systems;
  • Timing and safety circuits;
  • System schematics

Installation of System Components

  •  Compressor intakes and foundations; Aftercoolers;  Receivers; Dryers;
  •  Pipe installation and support; Tubing and hose fittings;  System installation.

System Maintenance

  •  Pneumatic system maintenance; Cylinder maintenance;  Tool maintenance; Logs and records; Automatic recorders and recording charts

Determining System Failures

  • Locating troubles; Operations manual; Checking the  air supply; Troubleshooting valves and actuators;  Interlocks; Final adjustments.

Troubleshooting Air Compressors

  •  Compressor cooling, lubrication, and valves; Crankcase  ventilation; Piston rings; Bearings; Control systems;  Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Control Valves

  • Checking manual overrides, circuit sequence, and solenoids; Improper sequence and valve shifting;  Control timing; Lubrication problems.

Troubleshooting Cylinders

  • Cylinder construction; Checking for correct size, clogged  filters, frozen air lines, and cylinder misalignment; Worn  packings and seals; Controls.

Troubleshooting Air Motors

  •  Checking for sufficient air; Contamination; Lubrication;  Air motor abuse; Hose and clamp maintenance; Vane and piston motors.

Pneumatic VS Hydraulic Systems

Air-oil tanks; Pressure boosters; Hydraulic control;  Pneumatic cushioning; System interlock; Pneumatic  servos; Troubleshooting.

Course Prerequisite

Instrumentation, Process, and Control Essentials) or equivalent relevant experience

Course Benefits

Understand the need for safe isolation and be able to apply safe working practices when working with pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems.

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