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Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering
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5 days
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15 April, 2024
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Course Overview

This course focuses on the fundamentals of mechanical engineering, to provide delegates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and safe working practices to enable them to safely undertake a range of mechanical tasks in an industrial environment.
This course will enable Technical personnel to familiarize themselves with
engineering techniques including inspection; monitoring and condition evaluation.
This training course also is designed to allow individuals working in fields such as mechanical, process, and petrochemical engineering, and other related fields, an opportunity to update their skills and improve their basic knowledge of modern mechanical engineering skills.

Course Content

Pressure Vessels (Static Equipment)

  • Pressure vessel parts and Service Classification
  •  Overview of ASME VIII-1
  • Material Selection, Designation, and Essential Properties
  •  Corrosion, Types, Allowance, and protection
  •  Overview of API pressure vessel inspection
  • Non-Destructive Examination

Heat Exchangers (Static Equipment)

  • Classification of Heat Exchangers
  •  Overview of TEMA
  • Design of Shell and Tube heat Exchangers
  • Design of Air cooled and Plate Heat Exchangers > Overview of API 660 and API 661
  • Heat Exchangers Failure Mechanisms

Valves And Piping (Static Equipment)

    Valves Types and Characteristics

  • Valve Components, Selection, and Materials /li>
  • Valve and Actuators Sizing
  •  Piping Systems and Pipe Materials & Coatings
  • Overview of API 570
  • inspection & Repair of Pipelines
  • Fitness for Service, API 579 overview


Pumps And Compressors (Rotating Equipment)

  • Pump Types and Performance Curves
  • NPSH and Cavitation >
  • Pump Selection and Sizing
  • Types of Compressors and Performance Curves
  • Surge, Stall, and Chocking


Course Benefits

At the end of this course, the attendees will understand:
Pressure vessels design, inspection, and materials selection
Heat exchangers types, design, and failure analysis
Valves types, sizing, and materials selection
Piping system design, inspection, and fitness for service » Pumps & compressors types,
sizing and problems Turbines main components and failure analysis

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