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3 days
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11 March, 2024
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Course Overview

This session introduces the basics of 3D modeling using  AutoCAD. It covers primitives (basic shapes) which can be used as the basis for other more complex shapes, or on their own and creating 3D scenes from 2D profiles. It then moves to show you creating composite solids which are objects that are produced by combining two or more individual objects. It also covers some of the techniques for working in 3D and also how you can create a  3D model from some of your existing 2D cross-sections.

Course Content

3D Solids Modeling

  • Introduction to 3D Modeling, Creating Solid Primitives,  Creating Models from 2D Profiles and Creating  Composite Solids

Editing Solid Models

  • Adding Detail to Your Solid Models
  • Changing the Model Position
  • Duplicating the Model
  • Getting Information from 3D


  •  Creating Drawings from 3D Models

3D Mesh Modeling

  • Creating Mesh models
  • Editing Meshes
  • Converting Meshes to solids and Surfaces

Surface Modeling

  • Creating surface forms such as – Loft, Extrude, Sweep

Visualization Tools

  • Using Visual Styles
  • Using Cameras and Views
  • Using Lights
  • Using Materials
Course Benefits

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigating the AutoCAD user interface.
  • Use the fundamental features of AutoCAD.
  • Use precision drafting tools to develop accurate technical drawings.
  • Present drawings in a detailed and visually impressive manner.
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