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5 days
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04 March, 2024
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Course Overview

The basic AutoCad course will give attendees foundation knowledge in the use of this powerful drafting software that is used across multiple designs, architectural and engineering companies worldwide. Building up knowledge about the essential drawing and drafting tools enables users to leave the AutoCAD training course with a confident foundation knowledge that will allow them to explore the higher functionality this software offers.

Course Content

Introduction to Autodesk AutoCAD

  • Starting the Software, User Interface, working with Commands, Cartesian Workspace, opening an Existing Drawing File and Saving a Drawing File.

Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

  • Drawing Lines, Erasing Objects, Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking, Drawing Rectangles, Drawing Circles, Undoing and Redo Actions

Projects – Creating a Simple Drawing

  • Create a Simple Drawing and Create Simple Shapes

Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

  • Using Running Object Snaps, Using Object Snap Overrides, Polar Tracking at Angles, Object Snap Tracking, and Drawing with Snap and Grid

Making Changes in Your Drawing

  •  Selecting Objects for Editing, Moving Objects, Copying Objects, Rotating Objects, Scaling Objects, Mirroring Objects, and Editing with Grips

Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

  • Creating New Drawings with Templates, what are Layers, Layer States, and Changing an Object’s Layer?

Advanced Object Types

  • Drawing Arcs, Drawing Polylines, Editing Polylines, Drawing Polygons, and Drawing Ellipses

Analysing Model and Object Properties

  • Working with Object Properties and Measuring Objects

Advanced Editing Commands

  • Trimming and Extending Objects, Stretching Objects, Creating Fillets and Chamfers, Offsetting Objects, and Creating Arrays of Objects.

Inserting Blocks

  • What are Blocks, working with Dynamic Blocks, Inserting Blocks, Inserting Blocks using the Tool Palettes, Inserting Blocks using the Design Center, Inserting Blocks using the Content Explorer

Setting Up a Layout

  • Printing Concepts, working in Layouts, Creating Layouts, Creating Layout Viewports, and Guidelines for Layouts.

Printing Your Drawing

  •  Printing Layouts, Print and Plot Settings


Working with Annotations, Adding Text in a Drawing, Modifying Multiline Text, Formatting Multiline Text, Adding Notes with Leaders to Your Drawing, and Creating Tables.

Target Group

Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians, Project and Maintenance Engineers in charge of HVAC systems

Course Prerequisite

Instrumentation, Process, and Control Essentials) or equivalent relevant experience

Course Benefits

At the end of this course, participants will learn how to: » Create 3D models from 2D designs.

  • Use solid modelling, surface modelling and mesh modelling techniques.
  • Create full working drawings of your 3D models.
  • Produce visualisations of models, incorporating lighting and materials.
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