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Instrumentation & Process Control Training Courses
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5 days
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18 March, 2024
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Course Overview

This training course will cover all issues in Instrumentation & Field Instruments Servicing, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting. This training course will ensure that your engineers and technicians gain the highest level of process Instrumentation & Field Instruments Servicing knowledge and skills. It will also develop skilled maintenance professionals who understand operating principles and capabilities of process instrumentation and know how to install, commission, service, operate, and
troubleshoot field process instruments.

Course Content

Process Field Instrumentation and Process Control Loops

  • Terms and definitions associated with Instrumentation systems
  • Components of field Instrumentation Control Loops: Sensors, Transducers, Transmitters Controllers, and control valves
  • Applications Process control loops (Pressure, Level, Temperature, and Flow)
  • Instrumentation Calibration Parameters: Range, Span, and Zero Process Instrumentation Signals
  • Process Field Transmitters (Smart, Electronic, and Pneumatic)
  • Smart transmitter Configuration Parameters
  • Differential pressure transmitter (Installation, Wiring, Calibration, and Configuration)
  • Troubleshooting field instrumentation control loops

Industrial Temperature Measurements

  • Industrial thermocouple (TC), applications, TC wiring, and code
  • Thermocouple field installation, wiring, and testing
  • Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter and Calibration Procedure
  • Temperature signal converter (TC) Thermocouple
  • Industrial Resistance Temperature Detectors RTDs and Thermistor

Calibration Procedure of RTDs Temperature Transmitter and RTD sensors signal converter

  •  Temperature Switches and industrial applications.
  •  Testing and Calibration of Temperature switches (Set and Reset)

Level Measurements

  • Continuous level measurement, level gauges, and indicators
  • Magnetic and Displacer Level Indicator/Transmitter > Level Measurement by Hydrostatic Head
  • Hydrostatic Head calculation applied in an open and closed tank
  • Closed and open Tank Level Measurement with a DP Transmitter
  • Interface Measurement two and three-phase Separators in Oil Production
  • Ultrasonic and radar Level Measurement Installation and programming
  • Level switches installation and calibration

Pressure and Flow Measurement

  • Principles of Pressure measurement
  • Pressure gauges Calibration, Assembly, and Disassembly
  • Pressure instruments installation considerations and applications
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauges and Switches (Set and Reset)
  • Process Flow Rate Measurements by Orifice Plate applications
  • D/P transmitter with Flow Measurement/Square Root Extraction
  • Calibration and configuration of different pressure flow transmitters
  • Digital flow meters and Counters applications, configuration, and calibration.

Analytical Measurements and Applied Process  


  • Process analytical Measurements
  • Analyzer principles, configuration, and probes
  • Conductivity and Concentration    analyzer (probe Installation &  Calibration & Configuration)
  • Turbo compressor and turbine Lube/Seal oil control
  • Boiler field instrumentation
  • Heat exchanger field instrumentation
Target Group

Engineers and Technicians involved in the Process Industry require an appreciation and understanding of the techniques used in Process Measurement and Control.

Course Prerequisite

Basic computer knowledge
Background in control and automation

Course Benefits

Develop specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to Instrumentation & Field Instruments Servicing.
Understand the major process variables (Temperature, Level Pressure Flow, Analytical) controlled in the Process Industry.
Describe the types of petrochemical and refining industry drawings.
Designing field process control loops and the elements that are found in different types of loops, such as controllers, regulators, and final control elements.
Applying practical skills for testing, maintaining, and modifying process field instruments (Smart electronic and pneumatic).

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