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Electrical Switchgear Course
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5 days
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18 March, 2024
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Course Overview

This course covers the Efficient Operations and Maintenance of electrical switchgear. Switchgear units are critical in the protection and supply of electrical power in the manufacturing
sector and in utility distribution systems as they serve to protect other equipment. Careless maintenance routines can lead to system inefficiencies and loss of system dependability.
There are many tools utilized in the maintenance of low, medium, and high-voltage switchgear today, therefore, it is important to know the differences in what to use and when. This course is designed to educate learners on the fundamentals of operating and maintaining electrical switchgear and also enable maintenance managers and technicians to be aware of the importance of
effective maintenance schedules for switchgear.
At the end of this course, learners will be able to go about planning and carrying out the maintenance activities of electrical switchgear efficiently.

Course Content

Introduction to Electrical Switchgear

  • Switchgear fundamentals
  • Installation and maintenance guidelines
  • Switchgear components: enclosures, conductors, switches, fuses, isolators, interrupting
  • Chambers, circuit breakers, relays, interlocks, rackingOperations, control panels, lightning arrestors,
  • Types of breakers
  • Fuse switches
  • Primary & backup relaying
  • Fault calculation
  • System earthing
  • fuses as alternatives to circuit breakers
  • Auto-reclosers and auto-reclose operation.
Course Benefits

Describe the basics of operating switchgear and circuit
Select suitable types and ratings of circuit breakers and

Understand the functions of switchgear components (CTs,
VTs, relays, and cable terminations)
Set up simple and effective transformer protection schemes
Specify switchgear maintenance and testing procedures and
Implement switchgear asset management and testing.
Understand circuit breaker control circuits and their structure
of control circuits
Understand the types and applications of protective
relays and the use and applications of current and voltage
Match the characteristics of a circuit breaker to particular
protection control circuits, and also determine the selectivity,
sensitivity and speed of the control circuits
Develop simple operational protocols to assure safety while working with electrical switchgear.

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