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Electrical Testing and Commissioning Training
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5 days
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11 March, 2024
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Course Overview

An equipment is not ready for commercial service until it is proven by testing all its functions under different conditions. This is key for satisfactory operation of electric systems. Any errors missed in the previous stages of a project are discovered during commissioning.
This course is designed to give a clear understanding of the principles of electrical installation, commissioning and testing. It will also prevent injuries and damages during commissioning as trainees will fully understand the processes and plan all steps for the commissioning process.

Course Content

Importance of Start-Up, Commissioning and Testing of
Electrical Systems

  • Reasons for Start-up, Commissioning and Testing
  • Managing Commissioning with the appropriate
    standards: Statutory Test and Inspection
  • Earthing System including Clean Earth, Intrinsic Safe
    Earth and Planet Earth
  • Major Components of GIS Substations
  • GIS with Vacuum Interrupter
  • Documentation and Deliverables

» Basics of Installation, Commissioning and Testing

  • Fundamentals of Electrical installation
  • Consulting the Manufacturer’s documentation
  • Principles of electrical cabling
  • Start-up, Commissioning and Testing
  • Inspection before Test
  • Safety in electrical testing
  • Pre-commissioning Procedures
  • Pre connection and post connection tests
  • Testing and commissioning procedures
  • Sequence of Tests
  •  Periodic testing
  • Substation Commissioning
  • Functional performance tests
  • Safety considerations
  • Statutory requirements
  • Installation in hazardous environments
  • Notification of Completion
  •  Preliminary Steps for Power Energization
  • Power Energization
  •  Switch On Process
Target Group

Both developing engineers & experienced electrical personnel of different cadres like safety professionals, project engineers,
engineering managers, maintenance engineers and technicians working within commercial and heavy industrial environments
cutting across Food and Beverages, Oil and gas, Primaries (mining, metals, cement), power and energy, water and waste
water, life sciences, pulp and paper, renewable energy and many more.
It is especially important for personnel directly engaged in installation, commissioning and testing of electrical equipment.
The training course provides personnel with the knowledge and competence to effectively perform installation, inspection,
testing and commissioning of electrical plant & equipment.

Course Benefits
  • Upon completing this course successfully, participants will be
    able to:
    Identify, select, install, operate, test, troubleshoot and sustain various types of electrical equipment
  • Understand the testing process
  • Perform investigative testing and inspection of critical components and identify common points of failure for electrical equipment.
  • Plan and prepare for testing
  • Visually inspect electrical installations and identify faults.
  • Perform on load and offloads tests
  • Employ calculated selection criteria for commissioning prerequisites, prognostic and preemptive maintenance, and cost estimation for electrical equipment
  • Bear in mind safety aspects during testing
  • Execute maintenance techniques required to minimize operating cost and maximize the productivity, reliability and durability of electrical equipment
  • Plan and carry out inspections
  • Plan the first energization
  •  Consider safety during testing
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